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AI to answer questions on equitable clinical trial recruitment, messaging, & access strategies.

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For Pharma

Improve treatment access.
Reclaim missed market opportunity.

Professional Services

Diversity action planning

Equitable clinical trial recruitment plans via AI:

  • Find the highest-opportunity pockets of diverse candidates
  • Determine the most effective compensation & outreach strategies
  • Draft into your Diversity Action Plan to make your IRB/the FDA happy

The most detailed, quantitative population intelligence

Our custom reporting covers every corner of a diverse patient market:

  • Degree of missed market engagement
  • Demographic, socioeconomic, & geographic profiles
  • Barriers to care/enrollment (logistics, cultural)
  • Patient voice, social listening
  • Low-cost engagement/messaging opportunities

Are they getting your message?

Validate that your educational & awareness materials accessible & compelling for all patients. Social listening for your product.

Engage & recruit via partnerships

Our algorithms find organizations with a high reach & trust with underserved patients. We broker a relationship with them so they'll help you reach their members.

Data & Content Feeds

Novel surveys

We identify & survey specific patient communities on your behalf.

Tailored, inclusive, & effective content

We generate new informational & informed consent materials.

  • Quickly tailor materials to a specific
  • Build trust between you & a patient using content that "speaks their language"
  • AI informed & representative patient-approved

Ongoing insights

Enrich your datasets at the market, segment, or individual level

  • Social Determinants of Health data
  • Interpersonal & cultural barriers-to-care data (eg, distrust & health literacy scores)
  • Social listing, patient sentiment
  • Weekly or quarterly market/patient intelligence data to study

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