about us

We believe in equitable healthcare that addresses everyone's unique needs.

The US healthcare system contains too many barriers for people to access the latest & greatest care. Whether you are well-insured or struggle to make ends meet, the pursuit of equitable healthcare is burdensome, inefficient, & stressful. Such inequities particularly affect underrepresented & underserved communities.

To effectively deliver the best care to all types of patients, the system needs to better understand the precise needs of different patients. Otherwise, how can the system possibly deliver the beset care to every person?

We founded Tea Leaf Health address the gap in understanding patients: We're building a new paradigm in health data analytics to quantify patients' unique needs & used market forces to direct healthcare stakeholders' resources in a more equitable way.

Why "Tea Leaf" Health?

We're inspired by the ancient art of telling a person's fortune by reading tea leaves: We want to use data to understand a patient's health fortune so we can improve that fortune.

how we help

Our Team

Kevin Timms, PHD

Founder & CEO

15+ years in health data analytics

Nathan NguYen

Lead Engineer

10+ years in front & back-end software engineering

Matt Mcnamara

Ops & Growth Advisor

18 years scaling teams

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